04 Apr 2010 10:05 pm

I didn’t pre order the iPad and wasn’t planning on getting one right away. I did decide I wanted one and I had figured how I’d use one. My goal was to have one before vacation in July. There was no reason to rush the purchase.

Wednesday, Modern Family aired with the iPad being the birthday gift Phil was really looking forward to. Friday night Jimmy Fallon had Josh Topolosky on his show. Josh brought the iPad and showed it off. Saturday my twitter feed was full of friends and famous people sharing their stories of crowded Apple stores and the iPad.

I really wanted to check one out in person. Liz and I decided to head to the mall to check it out and have dinner. I didn’t expect there to be stock for people like me; people who didn’t pre order. There was stock. And there I was, with the opportunity to get my birthday present early. I took that opportunity.

So here I am, writing this blog post on my iPad using the on-screen keyboard that, while better than I expected, does take some getting used to.

I’ll post more about the iPad and what I think of it. Initial impressions are: it’s fast! and iPad specific apps make my iPhone seem dumbed down.

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